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Sometimes life hands us the inevitable; just when everything seems right, something happens and you have to think about selling your home. No matter what your reasons are for selling, home in Toms River or surrounding areas, ADK Realty & Consulting is here to help. The process of preparing to sell your property can take a month or more, so we offer suggestions to sell your property.

Suggestions to start selling your home:

Take a Fresh Look at Your Home

Your home looks great to you, but how will it look to a potential buyer? Hop in your car, drive around the block and then scrutinize your home as a prospective buyer will see it for the first time. Consider what’s called “street appeal”; does it need washing or painting? Does the driveway need repair? Is the landscaping in good shape? Remember, be very critical, your buyer will be! 

Next, pull into the driveway and take a good, hard look. Walk inside and size up the interior as though seeing it for the first time. Make a mental note of the items that may need attention and our REALTORS® in Toms River can advise you on the “things” that will make a difference in selling your home.

Clean Out the Clutter Before You Start to Sell Your Property

Before putting your home on the market, get rid of clutter in every area—closets, attic storage, kitchen cabinets, drawers, both vanities and shelves. Also don’t forget the furniture and fixtures when getting rid of clutter—most of us put too much in too little space making your home look small to a potential buyer.

To Sell, Sell, Sell—Clean, Clean, Clean

After you’ve cleared out the clutter, it’s time to really clean. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, strip and polish the floors, scour the bathrooms, polish the furniture, wash the windows, spiff up the ceiling fans and kitchen appliances…in short, clean everything!!!!

Get More for Your Home: Repairs Pay Off

Once everything is cleaned assess what repairs must be done and do them. Patch the roof, touch up the paint, repair screens, spruce up the porch and make your entry area really shine. Remember, do what your home needs before the first buyer appears at your door!! Selling your home in Toms River and other areas areas will be easier when it has the ready to move in look. First impressions make a big difference for buyers searching homes for sale[for buyers] in Toms River, Brick, NJ and surrounding areas.

Putting Your Home on the Market: Show It to Sell It

After you have cleaned, shined, mowed and generally whipped your property into shape, it’s time to sell your property. Regardless of who markets your home, there are small things you must do to attract buyers. For example, even if it’s bright daylight, open the blinds and turn on the lights, open all the interior doors to make the home appear roomier. Remember, you need to make sure your home is available to be seen by a prospective buyer with as little notice as possible.

Get a Sense of the Real Estate Market

Before you put your home on the market, take a weekend day to check out the competition; homes with similar prices and in similar neighborhoods. Remember, what you want is the feel of that new model---clean, uncluttered and fresh.

After location, the most important item to a buyer is a well maintained home. Many flaws can be overlooked if the buyer knows he can move in without a lot of work and expense.

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